d+c contemporary

D+C Contemporary is an online gallery and art blog (The District) which exhibits works by emerging and established artists from around the world. Based in Spain and Sweden, they aim to promote contemporary art across international markets.

D+C Contemporary exhibits works that reflect a cross-cultural, expat, and border-crossing identity. The owners showcase artists who challenge the viewer, question traditions, and create dialogue.

Donna and Cecily are from the United States. They met in graduate school while attending Howard University in Washington, DC. Since meeting, they have collaborated on a number of art projects working with emerging and established artists, collectors, embassies, cultural centers, and small businesses.

Currently, Cecily lives in Sweden and Donna in Spain. In these countries, they have developed new artistic relationships while maintaining previous ones.

Their mission is to foster and promote a more inclusive art world. They warmly invite you to explore D+C Contemporary.

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