The job of a curator is to make exhibitions that both ask and answer questions about art and artists.

Thelma Golden

Art Historian | Indie Curator

Educationally trained as an art historian at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, I attended the University of Pittsburgh as an undergraduate dual major studying art history and marketing/public relations. Upon graduating I moved to Washington, DC to attend graduate school at Howard University while there I focused on Caribbean art history and visual culture – my MA thesis “A Third Root Aesthetic: Examining the Art of Michael Auld” surveyed sculptures and installations created by a Jamaican artist from the 1960s through the 1990s. And in 2011 I graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago which provided the opportunity for me to focus on more global and theorized perspectives. During my time as SAIC I further explored identity construction but incorporated globalization, post-colonialism and Sweden. My MA thesis, “A Different Light: Swedish Modernism and Creolization” surveyed the art practices of three abstract expressionists: Olle Bonniér, Öyvind Fahlström, and Herbert Gentry their artistic dialogues express what I refer to  as Creole Konst. These three artists have inspired me to travel to a country that I fell in love with several years ago and from a distance.

Bibliotek Konst
SAIC thesis research at the Konst Biblioteket in Stockholm


My first introduction to Sweden was while writing for Parish Gallery in Washington, DC. As a contributing writer for Living Embodiments: Artistic Expressions of Being I interviewed several artists. One interview that I found incredibly moving was conducted with Mary Ann Rose Gentry, Herbert Gentry’s widow. As we discussed Gentry’s life and art I felt a kindred connection because he was born in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and though he was raised in New York, NY he moved to Sweden during the 1960s. It was from that point that I became interested in Sweden, little did I know that Gentry would inspire several life milestones that would enhance my art history education but also motivate a major move. You can read more about my move to Sweden in my post  Fulbright Recommended Candidate to Residence Permit.

Kreativ Collabs

After moving to Sweden I started a freelance curatorial and creative studio that provides the opportunity for me to use professional skills that cultivated in The States and that continue to grow her in Sweden. My dexterity includes: art collecting, art curating, brand curating, content creation, creative strategy, creativity workshop, writing, local + international collaborations, communications, marketing/pr, web/blog design, social media strategy, adaptability, empathy, interpersonal communications, problem solving, critical thinking, and leadership + teamwork.

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