From Sweden with Love…

I can’t believe the year has gone by so quickly! Last year at this time I was living in Durham, NC working 7 days a week and waiting for the status of my Fulbright application. A year later I am now living in Sweden, though not as a Fulbright Scholar but as a resident! Perhaps it makes more sense to start from the beginning and since this is a blog and not a book I will provide the abridged version of my journey to Sweden.

During the spring of 2011 while finishing up my last semester at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and working on my MA thesis I was afforded the opportunity to conduct research in Sweden. This trip, though not my first, was inspiring because it was my first research trip and during my time at  Konstbibliotekt  I realized a short study trip for my thesis did not provide the opportunity to fully emerge myself in Swedish art and culture. I needed time to focus on the relationship Sweden has in regards to the Western art world, and if the theory of Creolization could apply not only to Swedish art but perhaps the culture. And of course the language – Oy vey translating Svenska was hard enough but what about speaking – I simply needed more time in the country that I had fallen in love with from a distance.

Konst Bibliotek
Researching at Konst Bibliotek in Stockholm

After arriving back to Chicago I made an appointment with SAIC Career Advising and Services and had the most beneficial consultation with Nancy Gildart! It was decided that I would apply for the Fulbright Fellowship.

Fast forward several months…

Oh the bitter-sweet process of a fellowship application – similar to grants that I had written for non-profit art organizations – it was tedious and painstaking but the possibility of receiving funding to do what you love and what you are passionate about is worth all of the blood, sweat, and tears! I submitted the application with a tremendous amount of support – refer to my Thanks so Much/Tack så Mycket page.

Again several months went by but I kept myself very busy. After deciding to check my email I was pleasantly surprised that I made it past the initial review to a recommended candidate. At that moment I decided, because of my passion for Swedish art and culture, that I was going to make the move to Sweden with or without the Fulbright Fellowship.

Life Changing Email...
Life Changing Email…

After visiting the Swedish Migration Board I discovered I could apply for a resident card and that was my back-up plan.  I soon received the “Dear John” email that my application was not selected and immediately I began the application for the resident card. This was another long  process but the day that I arrived in DC at the House of Sweden for my picture and finger prints was worth all of  the time and effort!

Cassius and I at the House of Sweden
Cassius and I at the House of Sweden

I am now living in a town located in Västra Götaland county and independently researching Swedish art and culture, studying the language, exploring PhD programs and looking for freelance projects in the creative and cultural industries.

Tack så mycket for visiting my blog and you can read more about my research agenda at Creole Konst!

puss och kram (xox)

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