You definitely know how to make a girl feel special! This was my fourth visit but with each sojourn I grow to love you even more. This trip was significant because I showed you off to my family visiting from the States. And though they loved their time in Mariestad and Torsö,  spending time in Stockholm was a blissful experience for these first timers.

My View… Stockholm from the Ferry

The past few weeks I had the most enjoyable time with Mom and Nana, Nan by the way represents the new 90 years of age!! They both love travelling throughout the States and have visited places such as Canada, Hawaii and Jamaica. But this was their first trip to Europe, and I was excited (and grateful) that this milestone was to this lovely country of Sweden.

Nana (the New 90) in the garden

As this first trip was planned to be more of a relaxing one Mom and Nan did enjoy seeing my quaint town and the island where the summer house is located. But the highlight of the trip for me was when Joakim made arrangements for a daycation in Stockholm.

Stockholm Castle
My View…Stockholm Castle

We took the train into Stockholm and a short cab ride from Center City to the Elite Hotel – Marina Tower which sits right on the water. The rooms are cozy chic, with breath taking views. And the weather on this late fall day was PERFECT – a bit cool but nothing but sun! After settling into our rooms we took a ferry back to Center City to explore and to peruse the public art.

My View...Public Art
My View…Public Art
My View...Public Art Exhibit
My View…Public Art Exhibit: Wild Wonders of Europe
Public Art
My View…Public Art

After walking for about an hour and a half we finally approached our destination which was a pleasant surprise for all of us – Joakim is BIG on SURPRISES! We had early reservations at Stockholm’s Grand Hotel. The environment was special in and of its self, but the luxury Swedish Smörgåsbord was the most amazing food experience I have had to date. This was a wonderful way to end a first trip to Sweden!

Aquavit, 1874
Aquavit 1874
Grand Hotel Smorgasbord:
Photo Credit: Grand Hotel

Again,  I cannot thank you enough for providing the perfect daycation for a couple of “Golden Girls” who were experiencing Stockholm for the very first time!

Please know that I think of you often and hope we have the chance to see each other again very soon.

puss och kram (xox)